Our channel marketing packages help sell your products more effectively.

Our case study TAG Resources grows by 400% over a 5-year time frame using our co-branding marketing system.

TPA’s need some form of a sales team, right? The question becomes, what type of content do you have for your sales team to sell your product? It would be best if you had micro-sites, marketing materials, videos, and campaigns that convert

With our system, when you reach out to advisors you have a special offering that other TPA’s do not offer. Extended marketing services for advisors, associations, and plan sponsors.

You will have a turnkey system to offer the advisor that co-brands your solution with the new client’s brand.  A built in marketing suite to start selling. 

Check out our case study with TAG Resources below.

The TAG Co-brand System was built to grey label and assist the sales process. TAG has doubled its revenue since implementing this system. Click below to see the fully branded suite.

In the example below, we have worked directly with the advisor and then plan sponsor to create a co-branded marketing suite that shows the power of multiple industry leaders working together. 

Companies that use our services

Co-Branded Suites

We work with your company to create a co-branded solution that works for you. We create printed materials, turnkey landing page systems, and website solutions. We also handle co-branded video creation.

New Product Release

Co-branding in digital marketing may involve two businesses pooling their resources into a piece of thought-leadership content or a new product, and promoting it across multiple channels to an equal degree. Each has its own respective audience and reputation, expanding the target audience to their mutual benefit.

Co-Branded Digital Marketing

We create Co-branded Marketing Materials for companies that combine their strengths. We create customized materials and videos that can be used and co-Branded for multiple different opportunities.

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