Digital Growth Strategy

We define digital growth as a systematic process centered around the modern consumer journey that unifies marketing, sales, operations, and IT to increase website traffic, generate leads and convert those leads into clients. As a result, you position your brand beyond the sea of other competitors all creating the same content. Digital growth is an outward-facing strategy with a primary focus on lead generation and lead nurturing.

Measuring value to achieve growth.

If you want to know what your company is worth digitally, you must understand how to measure your Digital Value. Your Digital Value should increase over time, but what exactly is your Digital Value? Whether it’s a website, marketing program, or an app, the work you present in the digital world either works for you or falls flat. We understand there’s an outcome from creating Digital Marketing Collateral. Our goal is to help customers define measurable digital marketing efforts that we track to reflect the progress of our efforts. We have tools in place to monitor the digital marketing we work on to assess the current Digital Value and track Digital Growth.


We keep the content flowing and measure the analytics to see what works and what doesn't. Digital Growth can only be measured if you create digital assets to promote to prospects. Once we gather enough data to understand the Digital Growth trend, we can calculate the Digital Value. The cool part is finding the algorithm that works for each unique client. Once we find the right formula, we increase the assets in that category to increase the digital value. At Rev8lation, we believe that marketing is like shooting darts in the dark without a formula to measure results.

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